I know exactly what you’re thinking; A stern looking tour guide waving an umbrella and a scarf, bellowing at you to keep up. A coach load of people being herded around like cattle to a quick pit stop at a point of interest. The fight for a space to take just one photo before getting back on the hot sweaty bus for another 2 hours! I understand your concerns and your reluctance to sign up to one of these. But trust me – times are a changing!

Tour companies have begun to realise that people crave genuine experiences without feeling like a flock of sheep being briefly shown the “best bits”. They want to get a real feel for what life is like in a country and more time to explore their surroundings, but with the peace of mind and security an escorted tour brings.

And  many tours are now small enough to feel like you are exploring a destination independently but big enough to create a good social vibe. A smaller group also allows a perfect balance between planned activities and “down time” – something we all need on holiday.

Escorted tours now come in all shapes and sizes. Big tours, little tours, coach tours, rail tours, hiking, biking and kayaking! From sailing, cruising and Antarctic expeditions to Stricly Come Dancing and Food Lovers tours.  We deal with the best tour companies in the business, so whether you prefer all inclusive luxury without having to lift a finger, or taking a bus rammed with locals and their chickens, there is a tour out there for you, and I can help you find it.

Trust me! Go explore, be brave, be curious – it may just entice you beyond your comfort zone.